Custom Pins

Create the perfect custom lapel pin for your organization, group, or store! At WizardPins, we make it easy to customize pins, and with domestic and overseas production capabilities, we can handle any project, from small batches to orders of thousands of custom lapel pins at a time. And since we use high-quality materials, you'll never have to worry about giving away or selling custom enamel pins that make you look bad: Our products are great-looking and made to last. Whether you are looking to make vintage lapel pins, custom button pins, cute pins, or a custom pin bearing your company logo or mascot (or maybe some combination of the above, like Peccy pins), you're in the right place to order pins online. Custom-made pins are all the rage, and you can create your own in just a few simple steps with WizardPins!

How to select the custom pin style that is right for your project:

Determine how quickly you 
need your pins.

Step 1

Determine how quickly you 
need your pins.

  1. If you need the pins in under 2 weeks, our rush printed pins are your best bet.

  2. Our custom soft enamel and 
hard enamel pins take ~2 weeks 
to make + a few days for shipping.

  3. Our premium domestic options 
can take 4-6 weeks depending 
on the design so best to leave adequate time before placing 
an order.

Submit your artwork and choose a pin style.

Step 2

Submit your artwork and choose a pin style.

  1. If you’re trying to replicate a photograph, we’d recommend 
a printed style.

  2. For designs that can be simplified 
or don’t have gradients, enamel 
or die struck work perfectly.

  3. Need help designing an enamel 
pin? Check out our blog here!


Choose your add-ons and packaging options.

Step 3

Choose your add-ons and packaging options.

  1. We offer magnetic backings and military clutches if you don’t want a PVC clutch.

  2. Backer cards can be added and customized for a more retail ready presentation.

All Pins

Soft Enamel

Our most popular pin

Hard Enamel

Premium custom enamel pin with smooth finish

Hard Enamel + Print

Print the extra details on your custom pin

Photodome Printed

Photorealistic custom pins perfect for detailed designs or gradients

Custom Pins + Card

Antique Die Struck

A timeless look with contrasting metal tones

Sand Blast Polish

Shiny plating on diecut designs

Glow-in-the-Dark Enamel Pins

Glow in the dark

Dimensionally Printed 🇺🇸

Printed details on top of an enamel filled cavity

Custom Enamel Pins

Custom Die Struck Pins

Sports Trading

Custom trading pins for sports tournaments

Custom Magnetic Pins

Premium Enamel 🇺🇸

Domestically produced custom enamel pins

Sterling Silver 🇺🇸

Custom pins made with .925 precious metal

Premium Die Struck 🇺🇸

Made in USA pressed metal pins

Not sure which style?

Order A Sample Kit - $4.99