How to Design Backer Cards for Custom Pins

The most common type of packaging for custom pins is a custom backer card. Backer cards are a great way to present custom pins for retail, gifting, or any other purpose. In many cases, it’s a creative way to preserve all elements of an enamel pin design that otherwise couldn’t make it onto the actual pin. 

Custom backer cards are generally square or rectangular and measure 3” x 3” or smaller. The most common size for backer cards is a  2” x 3” rectangle or a 2” x 2” square. 

The cards can be printed in an uncoated or coated finish and we typically default to a 0.5MM or 1MM thick cardstock (thicker than the 130LB stock you might find on common business cards). If you need something a little thinner/thicker, just confirm with your WizardPins sales rep in the proofing process. 

Cheat sheet for custom backer card:

  • 3” x 3” or smaller 
  • 1 or 2 Sided Print
  • Full Color (CMYK colors)
  • Vector Artwork (preferred but not required)
  • No bleed necessary (we’ll take it if you have it though!)

Where to add custom backer cards?

On the cart page, you can choose from a number of Add-ons and Upgrades. When you select Backer Cards you will then be prompted to upload artwork (if available). If you do not have artwork, or would like us to design a backer card, you may leave this upload blank.


How much do custom backer cards cost?

50 - $1.75
100 - $0.75
250 - $0.60
500 - $0.49
1000 - $0.40
2500 - $0.32
5000+ - $0.25

Cards come assembled and individually bagged.

Can you add more than one custom pin on a single card?

On some occasions, our clients have chosen to display multiple pins on the same card as a gift set or collector’s item. When designing a larger card, it’s imperative to leave enough space around the pins so they don’t touch, but also not making the card too big so it won’t bend in transit. 

 Where do I start this process?

Start by getting a quote from the product page or jump right into an order of custom pins on this page:

Custom Soft Enamel Pins

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