Printed Pin Styles

Photodome Printed

Photorealistic custom pins perfect for detailed designs or gradients

Photodome Printed

Replicate a photograph or complicated design with a custom photodome pin. Great for quick-turn, larger quantity orders.

  • No mold charges
  • Customizable plating
  • 50 piece minimum
  •  Ships 2 weeks after proof approval

Rush USA Printed Pins

Fastest turnaround pin, printed design

Rush USA Printed Pins

Print custom pins on a short timeline with American-made quality. No logo is too complicated with our high resolution printing process.

  • No set up fees for stock shapes
  • Silver or gold plating 
  • Ships in 2-4 days

Hard Enamel Print

Print the extra details on your custom pin

Best for extra details

Flat With No Metal Borders
Fine Details

Hard Enamel Print

A great choice for companies who must strictly adhere to their brand standards and achieve an exact reproduction of their design, without using metal outlines to contain enamel colors.


We take a finished hard enamel pin and screen print your design, or just certain details, onto the smooth surface of the pin. These pins are a great choice when corporate branding guidelines do not allow for metal borders found with traditional enamel styles.

Benefits over hard enamel

  • The ability to have two colors touching, without a metal border/stroke, in a specific part of the pin, while retaining the traditional enamel style in the remainder.

  • Achieve exceedingly fine levels of detail in pin design. Text can be made even smaller while remaining legible if a screen print is utilized.

  • Create years of service or employee pins that have customized years, dates, or award titles. Opting for a screen print hybrid is best when doing these types of pins, since the same mold can be used to create the base pin. After the enamel has cured, the screen prints can be applied to achieve the most budget-conscious final step in customization. Each unique screen will have a subsequent cost

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