Custom Printed Pins

Photodome Printed

Photorealistic custom pins perfect for detailed designs or gradients

Any design with any shape

Replicate Photos
Full CMYK Print
Epoxy Dome
No Enamel

Photodome Printed


Photodome pins are a little different than our die struck or enamel pins due to the unique production method that is required. Rather than creating a mold that compresses the metal findings, we punch out the pins as flat blank and then offset print directly onto the finding. The designs are printed with CMYK colors vs enamel or PMS, but this gives us the ability to print any design that you have regardless of how detailed it is.

The pins are covered with a clear layer of epoxy dome which helps protect printed portion from rubbing off. Please note, some colors can look somewhat clouded because light reflects through the clear layer of epoxy dome and can cause reds and whites to bleed together.

Benefits over die struck or enamel

  • We can print gradients and any design you have (such as a photograph)

  • This is the fastest and most cost effective process so it's good for larger orders.

Rush Printed Pins πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Fastest turnaround pin, printed design

USA printed on stock shapes

Fastest Turnaround
Made In USA
Full Color Print
Silver Or Gold Plating

Rush Printed Pins πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


We have thousands of stock findings in inventory and can print quickly when you have a project that requires short notice.

The findings themselves come in squares, circles and rectangles and can be produced with brass material or stainless steel. The underlying pin itself is fused on and we include an anti-rotational spur + butterfly clutch attachment. 

The printed portion of the pin is a digitally printed laminate (allows us to work with full color files) which is then adhered to the finding using an automated process. The print is already laminated so no epoxy dome is required but can be added for an extra cost upon request.

Benefits over other pin styles

  • Fastest custom pin option on the internet-- some projects can ship next day for an extra charge

  • Every design is compatible with the printing process as long as you're open to a stock shape

  • Supports American manufacturing

  • Consistent quality control since there's no plating or enameling

  • Easiest proofing process as we're just fitting your artwork to a template

Dimensionally Printed πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Printed details on top of an enamel filled cavity

USA Enamel + Print

Enamel Base
Raised Print
Quick Turn
USA Made

Dimensionally Printed πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Custom shape, traditional USA enamel is slow and somewhat expensive, so we developed a unique process that allows us to imitate the look and feel of enamel while producing pins on-budget and on-time.

Our stock shape findings (circles, squares, rectangles) feature a recessed cavity which we fill with one color enamel. After the enamel bakes, we are able to print raised details on a smooth surface. This creates a final product that has the same textured surface as a soft enamel pin but allows us to match colors and small details with the precision of a printed pin. 

It's quickly becoming one of our more popular styles as we see continued interested in USA made.

Pros and cons

  • We need to produce on stock shapes unless a custom mold ($500+ and 3 weeks) is preferred

  • Genuine USA enamel at competitive price point

  • Supports American manufacturing

  • Full color designs

  • High quality brass or nickel silver metal findings

Hard Enamel + Print

Print the extra details on your custom pin

Best for extra details

Smooth Finish
Printed Color On Enamel
Fine Details

Hard Enamel + Print

A great choice for companies who must strictly adhere to their brand standards and achieve an exact reproduction of their design, without using metal outlines to contain enamel colors.


We take a finished hard enamel pin and screen print your design, or just certain details, onto the smooth surface of the pin. These pins are a great choice when corporate branding guidelines do not allow for metal borders found with traditional enamel styles.

Benefits over hard enamel

  • The ability to have two colors touching, without a metal border/stroke, in a specific part of the pin, while retaining the traditional enamel style in the remainder.

  • Achieve exceedingly fine levels of detail in pin design. Text can be made even smaller while remaining legible if a screen print is utilized.

  • Create years of service or employee pins that have customized years, dates, or award titles. Opting for a screen print hybrid is best when doing these types of pins, since the same mold can be used to create the base pin. After the enamel has cured, the screen prints can be applied to achieve the most budget-conscious final step in customization. Each unique screen will have a subsequent cost

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