Custom Pins and More

Custom Pins

Soft Enamel

Our most popular pin

Hard Enamel

Premium custom enamel pin with smooth finish

Rush USA Printed Pins

Fastest turnaround pin, printed design

Die Struck Antique

A timeless look with contrasting metal tones

Photodome Printed

Photorealistic custom pins perfect for detailed designs or gradients

Sandblast Polished

Shiny plating on diecut designs

Hard Enamel Print

Print the extra details on your custom pin

Sports Trading

Custom trading pins for sports tournaments

USA Dimensionally Printed

Printed details on top of an enamel filled cavity

USA Die Struck

Domestically produced custom enamel pins

Sterling Silver

Custom pins made with .925 precious metal

Custom Coins

Soft Enamel

Most popular coin, has raised + recessed details.

Hard Enamel

Smooth + polished finish with color.

Die Struck Antique

All antique metal custom coins with no enamel color

Sandblast Polished

Shiny + polished all metal coin without colors

Photodome Printed

Photo realistic printed coin. Can include gradients/shading

Rush USA Printed Coins

Fastest turnaround coin, made in usa

Made in USA Dimensionally Printed

Made in USA imitation enamel coin

Die Struck Made in USA

American-made diestruck metal coins

More Custom Products


Stretchy wristbands with custom logos


Classic lanyards for identification


Full color, durable keychains

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers with a pressed metal look

No Touch Tool

Hands off device for opening doors and pressing buttons


Elevate your suit game

Tie Bars

High-quality tie clips with custom emblems

Race Medals

Custom award and finisher medals

Imported Charm Bracelets

Custom charms with a shiny bangle bracelet

Domestic Charm Bracelets

High-end bracelet with custom charm

Custom Rush Products

Rush USA Printed Pins

Fastest turnaround pin, printed design

Rush USA Printed Bottle Openers

Fastest turnaround bottle opener, printed design

Rush USA Printed Coins

Fastest turnaround coin, made in usa

What style of
pin should I order?

From soft enamel to diestruck antique, we offer a variety of styles to suit your needs. Check out our video to see what we offer or order a sample kit to see them in person before making your decision.

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