Christian Lapel Pins

Christian Lapel Pins

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to share their faith. We have a wide range of christian lapel pins for various purposes, from Jesus lapel pins to Christmas lapel pins. We also carry a variety of other Christian-themed products to help you show your faith and serve others. We want to make it simple to create quality christian lapel pins, and share our faith through them.

You can show your faith to the world by wearing a christian lapel pin. We have a wide selection of themes including Jesus, Christmas, angels, and holy crosses. You can also engrave your church's name or other religious phrases on the backside of the pin. You want to show your faith in a powerful way? With our selection of christian lapel pins, you'll be able to create custom lapel pins with a variety of themes.

Hard Enamel

Premium custom enamel pin with smooth finish

Soft Enamel

Our most popular pin

Glitter Enamel Pins

Add a bit of sparkle to your enamel pins!

Custom Enamel Pins

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