Make Your Own Keychain Activity For Kids

Anyone responsible for keeping track of a key needs a keychain. Keys attach to keychains so that they are easier keep an eye on. Like any other accessory, keychains come in many different colors and materials, and can be customized to fit a person's individual style. Keychains are actually pretty simple, making them a great DIY craft!

Choose Your Keychain Design and Colors

The only thing a keychain must have is a way to secure keys safely. Everything else is up to the crafter! Keychains can be made out of a wide range of materials including silk thread, ribbons, leather, acrylics, and charms. The first thing a crafter must decide is what sort of keychain they want to make. Leather loops are very easy and people of all ages like them. Beaded keychains are also very simple to make and it's easy to customize each keychain to the person who will carry it.

Gathering Materials

After deciding what type of keychain to make, it's time to gather materials! Kid crafters need to have an adult accompany them to the craft store. Almost all keychains need a key ring. That's a metal ring where the keys slide on. Some designs don't require a ring because they use a loop or other handmade way to secure keys to the decorative keychain. Other common materials are beads, charms, and some sort of yarn or thread. It's also a good idea to have scissors, craft glue, and even a hot glue gun on hand to make crafting easier! Wire cutters are also needed to make some types of beaded keychains.

Making the Keychain

Simple cord and bead keychains are easy to make. Materials needed include wood beads, hemp cording, scissors, and a key ring. Making this keychain is very simple and straightforward. However, it's also endlessly customizable. Using different colored cords and using beads of various sizes and designs means that even if this is the only type of keychain someone learns to make, they can still customize it in many different ways by following these basic instructions:

  1. Tie the hemp cord to the key ring using a simple knot. There should be two loose ends of the cord.

  2. String wooden beads onto the cord.

  3. Trim the ends of the cord to the desired length. Leave enough underneath the last bead so that it can be secured.

  4. Loop each end of the cord together, and tie it to make a knot!

Ways to Use Your Keychain

Keychains aren't just a functional way to hold keys! They are also a cute accessory that can be styled in a lot of different ways. For example, keychains can be decorated with extra charms and attached to a backpack. It's a great way to make someone's backpack stand out in a crowd! People also like to attach keychains to stuffed animals as a way of decorating their favorite toys. Of course, many people attach their keychains to their pants so they don't lose them. Keychains are both very practical and a decorative accessory.

Making Keychains as Gifts

Handmade gifts are a true expression of love. It tells the person getting the gift that the gift-giver cared enough about them to make them something by hand. Keychains are great gifts because they aren't very large, so it's possible to make one for everyone on the gift list. It's also possible to personalize keychains so that everyone gets one that reflects their personal style!