Why Enamel Pins are the Perfect Small Swag Idea

Higher shipping costs, the rise in virtual events, and a growing trend to declutter have made small swag a more practical option for both the giver and receiver.

But can a smaller promotional product still deliver a big impact on the customers and employees you give it to? It can if you choose swag people want to keep and are excited to show off.

Enamel pins tick all the boxes for the ideal small swag. Pins are easy to produce, customizable to fit your brand and purpose, and, best of all, people love to wear and share their pins online and in real life.

Enamel pins are easy to ship and store

Whether you’re storing it at a conference booth or sending it to virtual event attendees, your event swag needs to be easy to handle and ship. Enamel pins are the perfect fit.

Trade show booths aren’t known for having ample storage. Big, cumbersome swag makes booth organization a nightmare.

An enamel pin is just one to two inches in diameter, so you can pack hundreds of them in a single, manageable box. It’ll slide right under your table, where you can grab a handful to hand out. Even better, the people who get your pins won’t have to figure out how to get them home in their overstuffed carry-on.

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When your event goes online, you may be sending swag to hundreds of attendees. You need swag that won’t burn through half your promotion budget in shipping.

A single pin like this amazingly detailed beauty designed by @kapowcast weighs in at an ounce or two.

Screenshot of Instagram post with an enamel pin

You won’t find a promotional item that costs less to ship.

Enamel pins are inexpensive

There are situations when an expensive promotional product is called for, but when you’re giving swag to hundreds of employees or customers, it has to be economical. You can produce your own 100% custom enamel pin inexpensively and even cut the cost with a little pre-planning.

The production process for enamel pins makes them an affordable swag option, especially for a fully customizable product.

If, for example, you made knit products like Wanded Knit and Crochet does, you could make a pin that looks just like one of your hats without paying an extra fee.

Screenshot of an Instagram Post with a hat-shaped enamel pin

Here are a few ways to keep the cost of your enamel pins as low as possible [add link to pin cost saving post]:

  • Avoid extra shipping costs by ordering several weeks before your event
  • Choose soft enamel pins which cost less than their hard enamel counterparts
  • If you have several events that need swag, order pins in bulk to reduce the per-unit cost

Enamel pins are easy to order

When you’re organizing an event, you don’t have hours to dedicate to designing swag, even though you want it to be amazing. The enamel pin ordering process is just three simple steps, and you can start with just your logo or a napkin sketch.

First, upload your design. Don’t worry—WizardPins can take whatever type of sketch or drawing you have.

Screenshot of an Instagram post with a drawing of a banana

Screenshot of an Instagram post with a banana-shaped enamel pin


Next, review the proof. The proof is a digital image of what your design will look like in pin form.
Artist proof of an enamel pin concept

WizardPins provides unlimited proofs for free, so you can be sure to get the perfect pin.

And finally, you receive your brand new pins, ready to be handed out to grateful customers.

Enamel pins are popular

Swag that gets forgotten in a drawer or tossed in the trash is a waste of marketing budget. Enamel pins have been popular for decades, even becoming sought-after collector items.

Enamel pins are an enduring part of pop culture. They’re featured in magazines, discussed by celebrities, and worn by every U.S. President since Richard Nixon.

Image of actor Ewen McGregor wearing a Time's Up enamel pin
Ewan McGregor sporting his “Time’s Up” enamel pin. Source

Even promotional pins that started out as company swag are popular. Collectors pay top dollar for many branded pins like this one from Apple that’s listed for $149.
Lapel pin from Apple

Collectors then show off their pins online so that one promotional item may deliver years’ worth of marketing impressions for your brand.

Bottom line: you don’t have to worry about your enamel pin going the way of the fidget spinner.

Enamel pins have a flexible design

You can use your swag to show employee or donor appreciation, generate brand awareness, or spread a message. Enamel pins can take on just about any simple or complex design you need to do each job.

Check out the detail in this promotional pin created by the Guavette Shop.

Instagram screenshot with an enamel pin

Notice the unique outer shape, intricate interior details, and multiple color combinations. It’s hard to imagine fitting so much detail into any other type of small swag.

Enamel pins are worn and shared

The right swag can do double duty by impressing the person you’ve given it to and generating impressions from everyone else that sees it. Enamel pins are designed to be worn and displayed, making the owner happy and placing your brand in front of the people they encounter.

Enamel pins are a versatile fashion accessory people wear on clothing, hats, and bags.

Jean jacket with several enamel pins attached

That means your logo pin is more than a nice gift to a loyal customer. It’s a mini mobile billboard, introducing new people to your brand and message.

Your pin has another marketing swag superpower: it gets shared online. For example, Shopify recently held a virtual conference for their employees and sent out pins as part of a swag box [Shopify post link].

Instagram screenshot of a woman wearing an enamel pin

Without in-person gatherings, Shopify employees didn’t have many Instagrammable moments from the conference. Their pins gave them a photogenic focus for their employee’s posts.

Use small swag promo pins to reward employees, vendors, and customers

Small swag can do big jobs across your entire organization.

Use promotional pins to gain new brand fans, followers, and loyal customers. Recognize excellence from your team with employee award pins. And reward superior service from your vendors with a pin they can show off to bolster their reputation.
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