How to Run a Successful Kickstarter for Your Enamel Pin Campaign

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most successful Kickstarter pin campaigns and have compiled some helpful tips that are common among our top customers.

Order samples for approval prior to mass production

While high-resolution mockups are typically sufficient to generate interest in your upcoming project, nothing beats actual photos of real-life products! We offer a sample option on each product page that allows you to order prototypes of your designs prior to the production run. This is helpful for two major reasons:

  1. You can take high-resolution photos of your designs to supercharge your promotional materials and separate your page from other campaigns. Customers will appreciate the depth of the enamel pins, the reflective plating and the intricate details that sometimes get lost in a digital rendering
  2. You can QC the products and make changes before a production run. We’ve had a few customers that ended up wanting to alter PMS colors or pin plating after receiving a full order and it's nearly impossible to redo an existing batch of pins. Two enamel pins, one shaped like a rabbit the other a donut in a bag

Create more special variants by altering plating and enamel colors schemes

Unlocking higher goals requires offering customers something unique and special and there’s no easier way to get more bang for your buck than creating variations on the same mold. Need to create a distinct look for a premium group of customers? Try adding glitter enamel or changing the finish to something unique like rose gold or rainbow plating. Other customers have created limited runs of special color schemes that hold significance to their group or target demo.

Order your pins as early as possible!

We can’t stress this one enough! We’ll say it again for extra emphasis: order your pins as early as possible. The second you unlock your goals, it’s best to place your order (or at least start the sampling). What might seem like a far-distant date can quickly approach if you try to cram your order into a tight, two week window. While it’s possible to rush and deliver large runs of custom pins, there’s always the outside chance of a customs or FedEx delay that can add a few extra days to the process. We’ve yet to hear a complaint from a customer that got them too early!

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