Buy or DIY: 33 Ideas for How to Display Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are little portable pieces of art. Designers pour their creative hearts into producing them. You’ve invested time, money, and energy into curating your own collection of them.

So why are your prized pin possessions crammed in a drawer like a forgotten fidget spinner?

We get it. It can be difficult to decide how to display enamel pins properly. But it’s time to pull your pins out of the shadows and create a mini-museum of your collection.

Whether you buy it or make it yourself, a creative pin display will turn your curated collection of miniature artwork into a design focal point in your home and give you the chance to share your passion with anyone who visits.

Since inspiration is the key to any great project, we’ve pulled up 33 examples of creative pin displays. Some are great DIY projects, but a few are premade boards you can buy. We don’t have an affiliation with any of the crafters listed; we just think their work is pretty freakin’ cool.


Corkboards have several characteristics that make them perfect enamel pin displays. They’re inexpensive and plentiful. They’re easy to cut for DIY projects. And they’re durable, so it doesn’t matter how many times you stick a pin in them.

Basic cork board

A standard framed corkboard, available at most hobby- and office-supply stores, is ready to display your pins “right out of the box.”

Corkboard pin display
Source: playboijosh on Reddit

You can get corkboards in a huge range of sizes to fit your collection and available wall space. Even a simple corkboard can look great just by grouping and organizing your pins in an interesting fashion.

If you want to spice up a basic corkboard display with a little color, YouTuber Craft for Happiness has a simple tutorial on how to do it.

Grid corkboard

It can be difficult to point out certain pins in photos (“No, no ... it’s the third pin from the left on the second row from the bottom”). Here’s a creative solution that uses a simple grid on corkboard to help you pinpoint the exact pin of interest.

corkboard enamel pin display with grids
Source: Festidaze on Reddit

This presentation is super helpful if you frequently show off or sell your pins on message boards.

Painted corkboard

With a little stencil-and-paint action, you can turn any basic board into a work of art unto itself. We’ll leaf you with this charming example.
Corkboard enamel pin display with white stencil
Source: toxicbambi on Reddit

If you want to go full theme ahead, you could add a design that matches your pin collection. Here’s an example that uses a map as a background for travel pins.

Corkboard enamel pin display with map stencil
Source: dudly0295 on Reddit

We really want to find the Antarctica pin to stick into the bottom of this map.

Specialty/custom-shaped cord boards

Instead of painting a design on a basic board, these creative folks have made the board a design in and of itself. Corkboard is easy to cut, so simple designs are within reach for even the least crafty among us.

This small moon-sliver board is great for holding a few of your best pins.
Moon-shaped enamel pin display board
Source: saucythighs on Reddit

We love how the board’s maker added a solid frame, giving the board a finished, professional look.

Now, check out this beer-themed custom corkboard.
corkboard enamel pin display shaped like a beer can
Source: ridgewoodracing on Reddit

From the etched board to the well-curated collection of potable-themed pins, we can barley contain our excitement.

DIYer Amber Simmons offers a nifty tutorial for cutting your own custom cork display board.
Mouse ear-shaped enamel pin display

Her example is a design for Disney #pinheads, but there are several useful tips no matter what shape you want to create. If you make your own custom pins, you can create a display board that matches what you make.

Specialty shaped boards

Cork isn’t the only material for fun and funky ways to display enamel pins. These pinsperational alternatives use wood, felt, foam, and other materials. If you’re crafty, there are some great ideas here to guide you. If not, a few of these are for sale.

We really dig the design of these adorable pin display boards from Redditor IamMeldon.
multiple enamel pin displays
Source: IamMeldon on reddit

These boards are available on her Etsy shop.

For a complete 180-degree spin on design aesthetic, how about this coffin-shaped pin display from Deadvvood?
Coffin-shaped enamel pin display
Source: deadvvood on Etsy

We think a Dia de Los Muertes or Zombie pin would be at home (or should we say “everlasting rest”) here.

If a coffin seems a little morbid, you might like the sound of this amplifier pin display from Pizzawednesday’s Etsy shop a little better.
Amplifier-shaped enamel pin display
Source: pizzawednesday on Etsy

The nod to Spinal Tap didn’t escape us. This display will crank your pin collection all the way up to 11.

Although not as ornate, these hexagon-shaped boards look really sharp when hung together.

Hexagon-shaped enamel pin displays
Source: mantamrna on Reddit

Best of all, they’re inexpensive and ready to hang without any alterations.

Embroidery hoops

Embroidery hoops hold fabric tight to make needlework easier. They work just as well for pins as they do for needles. The simplest versions of these pin displays make for an easy and cheap DIY project, but they are also a blank canvas ready for your creativity should you want to add detail.

Basic embroidery hoop

Here’s a great example of a simple embroidery-hoop pin display.
hoop-shaped pin display
Source: dis_witch on Reddit

You don’t need elaborate fabric or anything fancy to start. Just use a color of material that fits your pins’ theme and helps them stand out.

Once you get the hang of making a simple embroidery-hoop display, you can try your hand at adding design details. See Kate Sew shows you how to add words and other designs via iron-on decals.
hoop-shaped enamel pin display
Source: SeeKateSew

Using iron-ons opens up an unlimited world of options to personalize your pin display.

Quilted embroidery hoop

Quilting adds a layer of texture and charm to embroidery-hoop displays.

This quilted hoop display has such a cozy, comforting appeal.

Source: hugsarefun on Instagram

A small project like this is also great for quilters who want to quilt on the go. You don’t have to drag a huge blanket around to keep working.

Hanging pin banners, pennants, and tapestries

Hanging-fabric pin displays, like banners and pennants, provide an interesting pop of pizazz to an otherwise humdrum wall. They’re easy to create from just about any pin-friendly material. You may even have something hanging in your house that’s ready to hold your pin collection right now.

The banner

Thanks to their versatility and simplicity, fabric banners have gained some popularity among pin collectors. This super-simple version looks great and requires very few supplies to make.

Banner enamel pin display
Source: In Color Order

You could probably knock this project out in an hour. Maybe a little longer if you add some decorative pom-poms to the bottom.
banner enamel pin display
Source: In Color Order

Single-color fabrics work well, but you don’t have to stop there. This banner uses a fun celestial fabric that sets the right tone for the pins it’s presenting.
banner enamel pin display
Source: Keilp100128 on Reddit

Tapestries and more

Lightweight tapestries are hung on walls as decoration all the time. It just so happens that they’re also excellent at displaying pins.

Here’s a creative use of a simple tapestry. Notice how much real estate it has for lots of pins.
tapestry enamel pin display
Source: Ritsugami on Reddit

You can even use thin rugs, which are readily available at antique malls, secondhand stores, and yard sales. Just make sure they’re not too heavy, or you may have trouble securing it to your wall.

If you want to go ultrasimple, a piece of burlap will also do the trick.
Burlap enamel pin display
Source: 2ii2ky on Reddit

And here’s a tapestry take on the map-themed pin display. This redditor already had the map hanging in their home. They just added pins.

map enamel pin display
Source: pumpkin_kisses on Reddit

This is such a creative way to repurpose something you already have.

Here’s one more tapestry we love as a pin display. It’s so vibrant that it’ll light up any room.
tapestry enamel pin display
Source: Wordly_pin420 in Reddit

Come to think of it, you could probably get away with using a sturdy beach towel as well.

Shadow box/picture frame

Shadow boxes and picture frames are perfect for showing off a themed collection of pins. You can find them for cheap at a craft store or even cheaper at a yard sale. It doesn’t take much work to turn a standard frame into a pin display if you want to do it yourself, and there are options ready to go if you don’t.

Basic shadow box display

A standard shadow box makes for a tidy space to display your favorite pins. This well-organized little display is so soothing to look at.
shadow box enamel pin display
Source: kuroko-ko on Reddit

A single shadow box stands on its own, but they make an impressive presentation when grouped together.

multiple shadow box displays
Source: Pietre_The_Rabbit on Reddit

You can make a pin-perfect shadow box using felt and cardboard. Savoring the Good shares a how-to for this enamel pin display on her blog.

Lighted shadow box

Now that you have the basics down, you can make your shadow box more distinctive. Adding LED lights, for example, makes for a brilliant pin presentation.
shadow box display with lights
Source: Geometry_ Juice on Reddit

Glow-in-the-dark tubing or tape could be an electricity-free alternative.

Picture frames

Just like shadow boxes, you need only a few modifications to turn a regular old picture frame into a wall-worthy home for enamel pins.

Here’s a pro-level version with double matting. It is such a sharp presentation.

picture frame enamel pin display
Source: Rapax on Reddit

If you have a valuable set of pins with backers, a display like this is worth the investment.

YouTuber Lovin’ Life’s Journey posted a nice step-by-step video guide to making your own matted pin frame. She does a great job of breaking down the entire process.

If you want to fancy up a desk or mantel, pick up a cheap folding picture frame. A little felt and cardboard and, voila, you have a portable, free-standing enamel pin display.
folding picture frame enamel pin display
Source: Biscuit-chuu on

A material guide and instructions are posted here if you’d like to recreate the project.

Repurposed Frames

Picture frames aren’t the only types of frames you can use. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can turn just about any frame into a pin display.

This artist repurposed a wonderfully ornate mirror frame to create this gorgeous pin display. It would be the centerpiece of any room lucky enough to have it.

mirror frame enamel pin display
Source: Suitable-concert on Reddit

Pillows and cushions

Decorative throw pillows and cushions have a lot of design space just waiting to be adorned with your favorite pins. Look for either thin cushions or removable pillowcases that allow you to secure your pin backs.


As the name suggests, pincushions are made for this sort of thing.
heart-shaped enamel pin display
Source: kolorspun on Reddit

This heart-shaped cushion seems like the perfect place for the “I caribout you” pin.

Pin pillowcase

We didn’t know we needed a pin pillowcase until we saw this one.
Pin display pillow case
Source: Pillow pin display on Etsy

It got us thinking about how none of our throw pillows currently have pins on them and how that’s just a shame.

Pin stand

Most of the ideas for how to display enamel pins we’ve featured so far hang vertically. Pin stands let you decorate horizontal surfaces with your prized pin possessions. Some of these were made just to hold enamel pins. Some are the result of extremely creative repurposing.

Basic pin stand

A single-pin stand like this is ideal for the most valued pins in your collection. It is simple and sturdy and doesn’t draw attention away from the pin.
Enamel pin stand
Source: bulbasaurOG on Reddit

You can get them in several sizes on Etsy. They even come in a glow-in-the-dark version.

Repurposed miniatures as pin stands

We’ve seen some creative reuses, but this may be one of the best. Mink uses miniature sets scenes to showcase their pins.
Source: Minksuperstore on Instagram

This tiny display case and itty bitty reading lamp perfectly frame Mink’s Lord of the Rings–themed enamel pins. Search Google for miniature furniture, musical instruments, and cabinets to get your mind rolling on ideas.

Foam form pin stand

Credit where credit is due, we never thought about using Styrofoam forms to hold pins until we saw this ingenious triple-layer-cake pin stand on the Brite & Bubbly blog.
cake-shaped enamel pin display
Source: Brite & Bubbly blog

Not only is this faux-confectionary creation delightful, it’s really useful because it holds a ton of pins.

The DIY instructions are here to recreate this masterpiece. But now that we’re thinking about the versatility of the medium, we can’t help but dream about all the crazy Styrofoam shapes you can create.

Cork pin stands

We already talked about how durable cork is, which makes it a good choice for poking with pins. This monstera-leaf pin stand makes use of that durability.
cork enamel pin stand
Source: corkboardRU on Etsy

CorkboardRU has a few different shapes available in their Etsy shop, but this is our favorite. There’s so much detail in it, and you can use it to hang necklaces and bracelets.

Find your next favorite pin to display

Once you’ve created a place for all your pins to shine, it’s time to find the next one to add to your collection. Where do you start looking? With this list of extremely rare, very expensive, or just really cool enamel pins.
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