Custom Backpack Pins

Custom backpack pins are a great option if you are looking for pins that attach to any type of backpack. Backpack pins are especially popular among students. While wearing a backpack every day might be a drag, adding pins to your backpack is a fun way to accessorize your look. Many customers love backpack pins because they allow the wearer to make subtle yet powerful messages about their interests and affiliations. Show the world where your allegiances lie with custom backpack pins!


Why Choose Custom Backpack Pins?

Custom backpack pins can be worn on all types of backpacks or bags. They can be any size, but we recommend smaller (less than 1.5") pins so you don't run the risk of the pins catching and snagging. Backpack pins are the ultimate way to express yourself. No matter what your cause, pins are a great way to show your support. While pins have historically been worn on lapels of suits, wearing pins on backpacks has become an increasingly popular practice. As fashion has evolved and less people are required to wear suits, we have seen a large uptick in the number of people creating pins to be worn on their backpacks.