Fun Emoji Coding & Tech Games

Ever gotten a text message that looked like someone was laughing so hard they were crying? Or a cat's face with hearts for eyes? Those are emojis! Emojis are a way to display a symbol, object, action, or emotion through a small picture when sending texts or direct messages. Emojis are available on all major social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Snapchat, and Twitter. Most phones have a special emoji keyboard that users find by touching the icon that looks like a smiling face. Emojis, which are also known as emoticons, are organized into categories and there are so many of them! Some phones group together a user's most-used emojis. Emojis have uses beyond simple social media or text messages, though. They are the basis of many games, activities, and even a way for kids to learn how to code!

Emoji Games for STEM Activities

Writing with emojis isn't only for phones or tablets! Print out the emojis and enjoy a variety of games, including, "Guess the Book Title" or "Guess the Movie" using emoji clues!

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard of Pokemon Go? Google has released a similar game that's based on emojis and uses cutting-edge AI technology so that players can hunt virtual emojis in the real world.

Code Emoji: Animations

Users learn to code by animating an emoji of their choosing. The pre-designed choices range from pandas to dragons, even animated slices of toast!

Emoji Coloring Pages

Emoji lovers will enjoy coloring their favorites on these printable sheets.

Emoji Meme Maker

Who doesn't love a good meme? Learning to make emoji-based memes is a fun way to explore coding. Users can even make their own game or simple app with the tools they learn by developing memes.

Using Emojis in HTML

Most people think emojis are images or icons. They aren't. They are actually a type of letter, which is why phones have emoji keyboards! They are part of the UTF-8, or Unicode, character set. They can be coded into websites and apps using HTML.

EmojiTerra: Categories

There are a lot of emojis available to be used! Most people are familiar with the most popular ones, but this well-organized archive of emojis lets people explore all the emojis out there and find ones that fit their texting or coding needs.


If you've ever see an emoji and don't know its meaning, you can look it up in this encyclopedia of emojis, which defines the meaning of all emojis.

Guess the Emoji

This is game is a fun way to learn all the different emojis!

Guinness World Records Kids: Emoji Game

Not only are emojis a fun method of communication, but they are also a great way to improve facial recognition skills.

Printable Emoji Christmas Songs Game

Want a new way to have fun during the holidays? Print this game sheet which has players guess the title of famous Christmas songs by deciphering emojis.

Emoji Charades

People who love trivia will love this app-based game, which poses trivia questions using emojis.

Learn Emojicode

Although emoji code has a playful language style, it's still a programming language and once someone learns it they can transfer those skills to learning other programming languages.

Using Emojis in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

It's possible to copy and paste emojis into most web documents, but it's a good idea to know how to code emojis in the major programming languages used for websites.

Hello World: Emojis

It's possible to do amazing things through coding. One of these amazing things is to make an emoji speak!

A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Unicode in Python

Unicode is the official name for the language used to make emojis. Coders can use Unicode when programming in other languages, like Python.

Quick Draw Emoji

Students are exposed to machine learning when they complete this online tutorial.

Make "Emoji Draw"

After installing the app Hopscotch users can follow a video tutorial to code their version of Emoji Draw.

Everything You Need To Know About Emoji

When designing a game or app that's going to feature emojis it's very important to know some basic information about them, as well as thinking about how to design around the emoji so that they have the impact the designer wants them to have.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Emoji, Smileys, and Emoticons

Emojis are accessible through emoticon keyboards, but it's also possible to access them by using alt codes.

Emoji Coding Worksheet

Print off these worksheets that make people consider what emoji best represents them.

Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney lovers (including Star Wars fans) will enjoy this game that's based on the company's many shows and movies!

30 Emoji Riddles to Stump Your Friends

Players can show off their emoji decoding skills by solving these riddles!

Emoji Guess Puzzles

Prefer to solve emoji-based riddles on a smartphone? Try this app (which has versions on both the Android and Apple stores).

Match the Emoji Free Puzzle

Players can improve their visual scanning skills by matching the emojis.

How to Draw Emojis: Step By Step Guide

Are you ready to use some analog skills by drawing out emojis? This step-by-step guide explains how to draw emojis on paper.