30 Suit Lapel Pins to Get the Conversation Started at Weddings, Job Interviews and More

Even in the most casual atmosphere, it’s tough to strike up a conversation with people. For more formal occasions, like one’s that require fancy dress, it’s downright intimidating.

So, why not give them some pin to talk about?

A suit lapel pin will kick-start conversations in any situation. Pins can be topical, personal, or just plain funny. A pin suggests a story that’s begging to be told.

The first step, of course, is picking the perfect pin for the occasion. To help you get inspired, we’ve listed six suit-worthy situations and paired them with 30 pins from our vault and from some of the best pin designers in the #pingame. Stick one on, and never get stuck without something to say.


As if interviews weren’t intimidating enough, here’s a fun little fact for you: people develop a first impression of strangers in one-tenth of a second. The takeaway is that you need to own the first impression, and pins like these will help you do it. Plus, they’ll give you something to talk about during that first few minutes of chit-chat.

Bear minimum
They want to know if you can handle the job. Don’t leave it up to them to decide. Wear a pin that says: I’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

You’ve served
Some pins just say more than others. Being a veteran means you know what hard work and dedication to a job are all about. You can pick a general veteran pin, like this one, or something that calls out your specific MOS to show relevant work experience.


You may not have the 10 years of experience they want for their “entry-level job,” but you do have one heck of an education. Wear a pin that shows your educational achievement. Even better, pick a pin from your alma mater. If your interviewer is an alum, you’ll have something in common right off the bat.


Past achievements
“What’s one thing your last supervisor would say about you?” Read the pin. You earned awards in your last position. Make sure they’re the focus of the interview.


Probably not this
We’ll take “Things not to wear to an interview” for $200, Alex. Some thoughts are better left as inner dialog.



OK, your plus-one backed out, and you’re solo at Cousin Frank’s wedding. There’s a room filled with people you barely know, and the open bar doesn’t start for two hours. Luckily, you’ve accessorized with a pin that does the talking for you.

Champagne pin
When it’s time to party, who will be the first on the dance floor? You will. Wear a pin that lets everyone know who’s leading the conga line.

Love is love. Nothing else matters on a special day like this. Show your support for the newlywed couple in a heartfelt (and heart-shaped) way with a pin that says it all.

Are you with the bride or the groom? Make it easy for everyone to tell with a pin that shows your allegiance. Oh, and if you’re crashing the wedding, bring one of each so you can switch if the bride’s aunt Doris catches on.


Inside joke
Here’s a guaranteed icebreaker that’ll get a laugh every time. Pick a pin that says something funny about the bride or groom. Do they have nicknames? Is there an inside family joke? You’ll be locked and loaded with the perfect funny story when someone asks you what your pin means.


Elephant love pin
Try a pin like this from @stachaconboy to express how you feel about this amazing and emotional day. People will be lined up to get a look at your adorably well-chosen ornamentation.



Class reunions are magical events for reminiscing about the greatest moments of your formative years. Just kidding. Reunions are for showing Chaz Worthington that you are, indeed, no longer a loser. A pin placed prominently on your suit lapel will incite conversations that prove you’ve got it all together.

Hobby pins
“Hey, what’s the deal with that pin you’re wearing?”
“Oh, I play a little guitar on the weekends with my band. No big deal.”
Whether you run marathons, win local golf tournaments, or play bass for a four-piece jazz ensemble at the Velvet Room on Saturday nights, wear the right pin to give your old classmates a reason to ask about your most impressive hobbies.

Class year pin
You’ve got spirit, yes you do! Show off a little class pride with a class year pin. Pro tip: bring extras with you. You’ll make a few bucks selling the pins to tipsy ex-jocks reliving the glory days.

If doggos are what you dig, find a pin that matches your breed, like this Dalmatian piece from @jackson_the_dalmation. Heck, this guy’s already in his formal attire. No one can resist asking about precious puppy pins, so you can forget about memorizing clever conversation starters.

Seriously, though, you have worked hard to land an amazing career doing good for the world. There’s no better time to take a bow for your efforts than at a reunion. Let your pin brag on you a bit; you deserve it.

Vaguely successful
Maybe you haven’t landed the ideal job or, you know, moved out of mom’s basement. There’s still plenty to be proud of. So give yourself a medal, and let it mean anything you want when someone asks.

Charity events

Fundraisers and charity balls are the perfect opportunities to talk with others about your most passionate projects. Put a pin in each of those conversations so everyone remembers who you are and why your cause should be theirs, too.

Ribbon pin
The tried-and-true ribbon pin is an instantly recognizable symbol for awareness of the world’s most important causes. Place a ribbon pin on your lapel and you’ll quickly find allies in your search for solutions.


You’ve donated your time, talents, and passion for your cause. Let them know you’re in this for the long haul with a pin that says, “I’m a part of this.”

Donor request
Find a fun way to let people know their assistance is critical to your mission. A funny, or punny, pin like this one takes the edge off of asking for donations.

As a long-time supporter, you’re a role model for other’s who want to make a difference. Your pin will let everyone know what dedication and experience look like.


Your cause
Get right to the point with a pin that tells others at the event what you do and why you do it. This example from @k.bellmedia is a cute example of how it’s done.


Networking events

If you find terror in the idea of schmoozing your way through a networking event, you are not alone. There are over 13,000,000 results for the search term “How to overcome fear of networking.” It makes sense. It’s weird to just walk up to people you don’t know and start talking. That’s where your suit lapel pin comes in. Like a wee wingman, your lapel pin stops people in their tracks and starts the conversation you were too nervous to get going.

Geography pin
There’s no more comfortable icebreaker than talking about where you’re from. It’s familiar, interesting, and something everyone can talk about. This pin from @skyeandoliver is great because it even shows what each part of California is known for, providing more topics to talk about.


Your business
At a networking event, you want people to learn about your business. But it is super awkward to just start talking about it. When you wear your logo on your lapel, however, they’ll ask you about it. Check out these pins from @flynnknit. They make—you guessed it—knit hats (or beanies, if you will).

The Boss
People want to go straight to the top and talk to the head honcho at networking events. Don’t hint at it; let everyone know , in no uncertain terms, who the big cheese is around here.


You belong
Maybe you lost your ticket. Maybe you just saw the amazing buffet from the hotel hallway and snuck in. Whatever. If anyone questions your right to be at this networking event, just point to your pin. They’ll figure it out.

What’s an important theme in your industry? If you’re in warehouse management, construction, or public transportation, for example, safety would be a popular topic. Whatever it is, wear a pin that proves you exemplify that field.



If you have to wear a suit to work, you might as well have a little fun with it. Build a collection of suit lapel pins, and choose a different one every day. That’ll break up the monotony and give you and your coworkers a little conversation fodder.

Employee of the month
Your boss isn’t the only one who gets to decide who the employee of the month is. Wear your own EoM pin whenever you’ve done an extra-adequate job. Bonus: it’ll get everyone talking about why you’re the only one who keeps winning.

Safety first
Are you a supersafe employee? Are you able to “hold it” through ridiculously long meetings? Either way, a pin like this lets people know you don’t tolerate mishaps.


Mood pin
Sometimes, you’re in the mood to collaborate. Other times, you’d prefer to be left alone. Accessorize with the pin that tells your coworkers just how things are going so they can approach you with the appropriate expectations.


The Office
If you get it, you get it. And if you work in an office, you probably get it. The Office is one of the greatest mockumentaries of our time. A pin that depicts one of the show’s famous scenes will instigate plenty of chatter at your next all-hands meeting.


The Wizard
This is standard workwear for us. We believe it should be for everyone.


Suit lapel pins are the ultimate dressy accessory

A suit lapel pin is a puny powerhouse of an accessory.

Consider this: a single pin can
  • unstuff the stuffiest of suits, splashing color and personality to fit any occasion;
  • affordably change the look of your most-often-worn semiformal wear; and
  • create a first impression more memorable than any other accessory could hope for (take that, pocket square).
And the best part? You can even design your own lapel pin to suit (see what we did there) whatever occasion requires your finest garb.
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