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Custom Soft Enamel Charms

Custom Hard Enamel Charms

Custom Die Struck Charms

Imported Charm Bracelets

Custom charms with a shiny bangle bracelet

Antique Tie Bars

High-quality tie clips with custom emblems

Antique Cufflinks

Elevate your suit game

Soft Enamel Cufflinks

Most popular cufflinks.

No Touch Tool

Hands off device for opening doors and pressing buttons

Hard Enamel Cufflinks

Smooth, color-filled cufflinks

Premium Charm Bracelets 🇺🇸

High-end bracelet with custom charm

Hard Enamel + Print Cufflinks

Hard Enamel Tie Bars

Smooth, color-filled tie bars

Sand Blast Polish Tie Bars

Photodome Tie Bars

Replicate a photograph

Hard Enamel + Print Tie Bars