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Choosing Colors for Custom Pins

We use PMS (Pantone Matching System) in order to specify enamel color on our pins. PMS is a color matching system to help ensure the colors are matched consistently according to brand guidelines or personal preference. For Custom Enamel Pins, we use the Coated Pantone Swatch.

Here is the PMS Chart

If you don’t specify PMS colors, we have artists that will match your design’s colors as closely as possible to PMS colors. If you have specific PMS colors that you would like to use please include that information in your artwork, or simply tell us via email during the proofing process.

We can also dye the metal plating in any of the PMS colors (at no additional cost). While we recommend silver plating for most designs, we will always show you the best effect for your specific design/logo, which sometimes calls for PMS dyed plating.

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